Networking Services

Small businesses often already have computers but don't have them connected in any way. In many cases your business may need software that only realizes its potential if your systems are networked.

Palmetto Technology Solutions offers all basic networking services to our customers including selection of necessary equipment and technologies to make it happen. Whether your building is wired or you are looking for wireless networking we can help

Custom Software

Software that you purchase off the shelf will often fit the bill, but often you need something that fits how you do business. We have built a wide range of applications for our clients including programs that help them keep track of customer data, scheduling programs, insurance applications, and more.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you determine how technology can truly put more money on your bottom line.


Looking for a professional looking website? We offer a full range of services including website hosting, development, and name registration. If you like to keep the site updated in-house we provide easy-to-use tools for making your updates.

For those customers that prefer us to handle things we have several plans to offer that will keep your website fresh and ready to greet your customers. You will always receive fast, friendly support from PTS!